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  1. Hi, I like your website and commitment to the pa of the past.
    I have a Steanes amplifier similar to one shown, awaiting restoration.
    I’m on the lookout for a schematic for it and also one for a Operatic mono 6GW8 pp amplifier made by Bland radio.

    1. Thanks I have quite a few Operatic/Bland Radio amps but have yet to find a single circuit, I do have them for the school amps as they were rolled up in the back of the unit in a tube.
      I havn’t seen 6GW8’s in a Bland so far, the combos I have a 6BQ5 and 6BW6, I would love a photo of your Bland as I keep them on file.
      I can dig up a Philips circuit with 2 x 6GW8’s may give you a rough Idea
      My email is preservationaudio.aus@gmail.com
      A very usefull web site for Steanes and other info is:

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