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  1. Hi, I have a Harmour And Heath amp the same as the image you have but I do not know what the tubes are, and would like more information please, I also have a Raycophone Theatre amp

    1. The Harmour and Heath I have is 2 x 6M5 optput with 6N8 pre-amp Valves, cant remember the rectifier off hand BUT the is another Higher power version With EL34 Output, Dont know the other valves for that version.
      Have yet to get to my Raycophone amp

  2. It sounds like mine is the same as yours, it has 2 6M5’s, the rectifier tube had no markings, and the glass got broken, but with a bit of help, I replaced it with a 6BD7, and 2 other unmarked tubes which I think are the 6N8’s, I’m new to valve equipment, and teaching myself, do you happen to have a schematic or other documentation for the amp, I could not find any online, so I’m in the process of drawing up a schematic myself using EAGLE, I also have the matching speaker & speaker box.
    My Raycophone amp is different to yours, I’m happy to send you pics if you like

    1. I think the rectifier on mine is a 5V4 octal (will lift the lid tonight and check and will let you know).
      As for a circuit diagram no, they are not a common amp.
      I have only seen another one apart from yours and only one EL34 version.
      I have 2 Bell and Howell cabinet speakers but you got a nice score with a H & H matching cabinet.
      Would love a photo of your Raycophone.

  3. Sorry my mistake, my rectifier is a 5V5G, it’s the 3 tubes at the front of mine that had no markings, the 2 in the middle I suspect are 6N8’s and the one on the far right in front of the 2 output tubes, is I think a 6BD7.
    I was starting to think I was the only person that has one.
    I will send you some pics

  4. Hi Dion, I just picked a H&H on eBay as shown in the photo. Did you end up drawing a circuit diagram. Mine needs a refurb and I can’t identify two of the internal electrolytic capacitors so would mind swapping notes. Thanks Jude

    1. Hi Jude, Good to know who bought it, I dont pass on Emails etc. But are you on Facebook? If so join “Australian Valve Amplifiers” group we are both a part of it. Cheers Josh

  5. Not yet, will join if needed. I think I have the EL34 version and just ordered the rectifier tube which is missing, 5V4G, maybe it should have been a 5Y3….

    1. The 6M5 version is 5V4G and is used in amps with EL34’s so you are correct. The EL34 version is a rare beast indeed, I have only seen one other in a few years

      1. You said the amp you got was just up on Ebay? The one that sold on the 8th of Oct had 6BQ5’s or know as EL84. They are basically equivalent to the original 6M5 the amp came with that are getting harder to get. When Dion finishes the circuit I can send one to you

  6. Yes correct, according to the seller it should be 35 watt when functional? I plan to replace all the Ducon electrolytic caps and the Ducon paper caps and check the remaining tubes. I have read the mustard caps (mullards?) usually are ok. Really I just need to know the specs of the two paper Ducons and the silver cap to the far right when the amp is opened and laid back on the transformers – mine has no visible markings, maybe the sleeve came off. Curcuit diagram would be nice. Thanks

  7. Hi Josh,
    I just saw this, feel free to give Jude my email, I still have not finished the schematic as yet, but I have identified all but a few parts

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